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Pre-Owned Comparators

ccp_recycle-logo.pngCCP Pre-Owned Comparators is now part of Quality Vision Services serving as a leading refurbishment center in the industry. Each machine is rebuilt and refurbished by hand in our Beavercreek, Ohio facility. CCP Pre-owned Comparators procures, remanufactures, and certifies optical comparators and profile projectors and now represents the world's largest inventory of Pre-Owned optical comparators. We accept older model comparators as trade-ins, and we buy surplus comparators. We also offer a search and locate service for clients to find a specific machine using our extensive network.

Pre-Owned comparators from multiple brands, such as J&L, Starrett, S-T (Scherr-Tumico), Mitutoyo and more, are available after extensive refurbishing and re-manufacturing are performed. All CCP Pre-Owned comparators undergo an exhaustive service check, and come with our CCP Satisfaction Guarantee right to return for full credit policy.

CCP offers 3 levels of Pre-Owned optical comparators and profile projectors:

Level 1

Certified Pre-Owned

  • Pre-owned optical comparator in exceptional measuring condition, ready for sale as-is
  • Certification to original factory specifications
  • Full 30-day warranty for parts

Level 2

Certified Refurbished

  • Includes all items in Level 1 category
  • Rebuilt or new membrane panels or DRO
  • New illumination system
  • New or rebuilt axis drive systems and linear glass scales on all measuring axes
  • Top and bottom table surfaces repaired (as required)
  • New optical surfaces (as required)
  • New glass chart
  • Paint touch-ups*
  • Safety updates
  • Full 1 year warranty for parts

*Complete repainting of covers will be done only when, and if, the machine condition warrants. All Pre-Owned and refurbished machines may have cosmetic blemishes.

Level 3

Factory Certified

  • Includes all items in Level 1 & 2 categories
  • Kodak, Excello, CCP, or OGP manufactured models only
  • New machine wiring and electrical systems
  • New optical surfaces
  • Resurfacing of top & bottom worktable
  • New motion controls (motorized units only)
  • New axis drive systems
  • Complete tear-down and clean
  • Completely repainted
  • New machine specifications (typically better than original)
  • Full 1 year warranty for parts and labor

All Levels

All 3 levels offer:

  • Trade in program
  • Detailed quotations on Pre-Owned comparators, against a specific CCP stock number
  • Customer system listing service
  • System swap service
  • Search & locate service
  • Upgrade/rebuild program
  • All Pre-Owned systems include our extensive 100 point service check, and come complete with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST*

*At our facility